General Sales Conditions


These general conditions of sale apply to any offer and sale of services.

Any purchase of programs, clothing or any goods on the site implies the acceptance of right by the buyer of these terms and conditions regardless of the general conditions of purchase of the buyer, which are not opposable to the seller, even if they are communicated after the present. If any of the clauses of these general conditions of sale were null or void, the other clauses would not be canceled. The fact that the seller does not apply at any given time any article of these conditions, cannot be interpreted as waiving the right to use the terms of sale at a later date.

The user declares to have read, understood and accepted these General Conditions. He also declares that he is legally able to give his consent to these and that he intends to comply with them fully, consciously and without restriction. If he is a minor or incapable, he declares to have the authorization of a person having parental authority, a tutor or a curator.

All the rules, published elsewhere on the site, are an integral part of these General Conditions that the User agrees to respect. AW COACHING reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and any related items without notice. The new clauses will apply even retroactively for all relations between AW COACHING and the users.

AW COACHING reserves the right to subcontract or assign to a third party the rights and obligations arising from the present. This policy applies to all AW Coaching customers for the duration of their follow-up.


The website is a site designed to promote the sports coaching activities of Mr. Anthony Weiss and AW COACHING.

These are the design of customized training and diet programs with weekly monitoring and personalized video corrections, telephone consultation, as well as sessions in gyms or at home for anyone interested and within the limits of available places.


For any customer with personalized tracking,

reporting is done once a week on the fixed day agreed on the website

The day to enter your report is fixed with the coach at the beginning of your follow-up according to the existing affluence and is definitive (except exceptional case).

At the beginning of your follow-up, a customer questionnaire is sent to you in order to have all the information needed for the personalization of your follow-up then your identifiers to enter your reports are communicated to you.

Subsequently, your training program and your diet program are transmitted to you, and can be modified every week if necessary according to your report.

Our three ebooks – the training guide, the nutrition guide,  and the guide of food supplements – are also given to you at the beginning of coaching, this to assure you the best possible progression.

Each client undertakes to read and assimilate the food guide, the training guide and the guide of food supplements that were provided to them from the beginning of their follow-up.

The pedagogical documentation given at the beginning of the coaching as well as your training and diet programs are protected by copyright and cannot be used for other purposes than for a strictly personal use.

Your changes to the nutritional program and training program will be communicated via, if necessary, directly after the response to your weekly reports.

If you cannot send your report for any reason on the agreed day, it is important to notify in advance and not on the day itself so that we can organize to ensure you still get your follow up,

Reports can be entered at any time of the day.

If you enter it before noon, your report will be systematically corrected the same day except in exceptional cases (you will be notified), A report entered after 12h, can potentially be corrected the next day instead of the same day. If the report is not entered on the agreed day without previous notice, it will not be taken into account,

This report must contain:

§ Weight (with empty stomach)

§ Measurements (at a minimum: shoulders and waist circumference)

§ Respect or not of the given diet

§ Respect or not of the given training

§ General feeling of the week

It is not intended as a place to ask your questions (see “QUESTIONS”) –  only the reports made under these terms will be taken into account.


For any customer with a personalized follow-up, you have the possibility to obtain telephone consultations throughout your follow-up.  Just send the request by email or Facebook messenger stating the reason and by making an appointment, so that we can give you the necessary time to answer your questions. In case of problem on your side after making the appointment, it can only be delayed if we are notified in advance.

The phone calls are made by the coach based on appointment times and not the other way around, no unannounced call is possible or if you are the instigator.



For any customer with personalized tracking, it is possible to send a message via email to or messenger to the profile “ANTHONY WEISS” at any time.

We respond to messages only in the following time slots:

§ Monday to Saturday from 8h to 22h

§ Sunday and public holidays from 8h to 12h and from 17h to 21h

We are always committed to answering all your emails and messages within the 24h limit.  This commitment is valid outside the AW Coaching weekend, out of competition of athletes of the Team and out of professional travel, but in all these cases, AW Coaching is required to notify you in advance.


For any customer with personalized tracking,

It is possible to ask us questions about the working of the training, your diet, to manage your daily life or for all aspects of your follow-up, this is done through messaging and is thus subject to the same rules as the previous paragraph

(cf: message above)

To avoid redundant questions, however, we ask you to make the effort to read in detail your programs, training and diet guides, and watch the training videos at your disposal.

This already provides an answer to 80% of the questions you may have. In case the answers are explicitly in the educational documentation available to you, we reserve the right not to answer your questions in detail but to redirect you to our articles, ebooks, videos.


Any customer with a personalized follow-up, has the possibility to send the videos of their training on the facebook messenger “ANTHONY WEISS“. The videos must be sent only to this place in directly visible format and not via a downloadable link or another platform (example: youtube). Although it is not mandatory, this service is strongly recommended, in order to be corrected and to perfect the technique of execution to accelerate your progress. Like the answer to questions, it is possible to send your videos at any time, but corrections will only be made in the time slots agreed by these rules:

§ Monday to Saturday from 8h to 22h

§ Sunday and public holidays from 8h to 12h and from 17h to 21h

We are always committed to correcting within the limit of 24 hours, this commitment is valid outside AW Coaching weekend, out of competition of athletes of the Team and out of professional travel, but in all these cases, AW Coaching is required to warn you at prior.

Please note that before requesting any corrections, we recommend that you check the videos of your program available in your area on We reserve the right to refer you directly to them if you do not do the right exercise or if we judge that your technique does not show any personal involvement on your side beforehand.


For any customer with a personalized follow-up, you have the possibility to join our closed group Facebook AW Team, the membership to the group is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Note that a significant portion of AW Coaching communications are distributed through the Facebook group channel. You are totally free to join or not to join the group, but customers who do not want to join the group should be aware that they may miss certain important information..

Any member of the group agrees not to communicate any information, to share any photo or video and to report no conversation therein.


AW Coaching also offers tailor made training or dieta programs (according to your choice),

Once your purchase made in the shop, a customer questionnaire is sent to you to have all the information needed for the personalization of your program.  You will then receive your full tailor made program, designed for a duration of 4 weeks.

This service is not a personalized follow-up, so they do not give access to the various services mentioned above (weekly reports, questions and answers, video corrections, access to AW TEAM group …). Once the 4 weeks of your program have passed, we cannot be held responsible for the lack of progress if you do not renew your program by placing an order again in the webshop or by opting for a personalized follow-up.


The prices invoiced are those established on the site on the webshop page at the time of the purchase, based on the economic conditions in force. They are inclusive of VAT and will be increased by any other similar taxes that become due, at the rate applicable at the time of their payment.


Unless otherwise agreed by the seller, invoices are payable in advance to the head office of the company before the delivery of the products or the beginning of any follow-up. It is possible to pay by credit card or directly online through Paypal on the webshop site

Whatever the method of payment agreed between the parties, if you choose to pay in one go, the payment will be considered as realized only after actual receipt of the price.


Regarding the monthly subscription, after you have paid the first payment, you have to pay all your monthly payments:

§ Three consecutive monthly payments of 100 euros for the quarterly follow-up,

§ Six consecutive monthly payments of 90 euros for the half-yearly follow-up

§ Twelve consecutive monthly payments of 80 euros for the annual follow-up

From one year of consecutive coaching, you can benefit from preferential rates due to your loyalty called “VIP follow-up”, this grants you to subscribe at reduced prices for the quarter, semester and year but commits you to same regulation.

 (The access to this price is not done directly on the shop but on request to

Payments are made online on the website by credit card (PayPal) and are scheduled at the time of your request for follow-up directly through our shop.

Your follow-up will start from the first payment but may be suspended at any time in case of non-payment of one of the due dates, in case of non-payment even partial, the seller reserves the right to terminate the contract or suspend the execution of services in progress


Depending on how long you have been with us, your follow-up may be temporarily suspended (only if you warn us of your absence and on acceptable conditions):

§ If 3 months of follow-up, 2 weeks of suspension

§ If 6 months of follow-up, 3 weeks of suspension

§ If 12 months of follow-up, 4 weeks of suspension


If after having followed our recommendations irreproachably, you have not progressed, not evolved in the good sense, we commit ourselves to refund you the whole of the sum spent. For example, if we are talking about measurements and weights, you want to lose fat, if after a few weeks you are at the same level, you will be reimbursed,

For this you will have to make the request by registered mail to Mr. WEISS Anthony,

446 rue de Thizy, 69400 Villefranche-sur-Saone (France) with all the elements proving your non-progress and the clear request for the amount and duration of follow-up.


Any delay in the performance of the service due to circumstances beyond the control of the seller cannot result in the cancellation of the order.

The seller cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from this delay.

In particular, the following events are considered to be exemptions: serious illnesses, accidents, calamities of atmospheric origin resulting in a lack of means of communication, flooding or explosion for any reason whatsoever, all of which may affect one or the other of parties or providers who participate in one of the stages of the service. The seller will inform the buyer in a timely manner of the cases and events listed above.

The case of a disease resulting in a minimum of 4 weeks of cessation and pregnancy may be considered as a reason for termination or suspension of the contract. The request for suspension or termination must be made by sending a registered letter with receipt to the following address:

WEISS ANTHONY, 446 Thizy Street, 69400 Villefranche sur Saone. (France)

The suspension or termination will be taken into account only from the 1st day of the month following the request of the Customer. In any case, a proof must be presented to AW COACHING.


These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the application of French law. The parties undertake to seek an amicable solution to any dispute that may arise from their application. If they do not succeed, they will submit the dispute to the competent court.


6.1 reserves the right to include on its website advertisements or more generally hypertext links to external sites.

In any case cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites, the products and services contained therein, nor for any damages of any nature whatsoever that may occur following the visit or the use of these sites.

6.2 Anyone inserting a hypertext link on assumes full responsibility for it both towards and towards third parties.

6.3 All the elements appearing on the site, inserted by or by its Advertisers, are protected by the rights on the intellectual or industrial property and belong to their respective owners.

6.4 Any partial or total reproduction of the site or some of its elements is prohibited. Information and databases may be used, printed or reproduced only in a strictly private and family context.