Frequently Asked Questions


Is the inscription to the website free of charge ?

Yes: susbscribing to our website is totally free and you will then receive our free ebook with 100% diet recipes

After my payment, how fast will I receive my products ?

For personal coaching and tailor-made programs, you receive right after your payment the questionnaire needed to prepare your product.

Which are the available payment modes ?

You can pay either by credit card or Paypal

I have an issue after my payment (I didn’t receive the questionnaire or the products) ?

Just send us a message through the contact email of the site, and we will sort it out as soon a possible

I lost my password ?

Click on “connexion”.  You will see a pop-up with « forgot my password ? ». Click on it, enter the email you use to log-in.  A email will be sent to your address with the reset procedure.

After I have sent my questionnaire, how fast does my follow-up start ?

We will start your follow-up within 24h after reception of the questionnaire.  All needed information will be sent and explained by email.

Who will be my personal coach ?

For English and Dutch coaching, you will be follow-up by Latmar Viantzen who will be available 7/7 for you.